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We can only speak for ourselves in entering our least favourite season but whilst grounded here indefinitely, we found ourselves wondering what it is we do in winter to spark some joy and get us through. Henceforth this little guide was born so we encourage you to indulge in our ideas below: 



Many of us already are but we are most definitely taking this as an opportunity to explore parts of the homeland that have been previously trumped by our euro vacay priorities. 

We're thinking hot choccies by the fire, wineries and walks around towns with charm. Here are some of our top pics for places to explore on a wintery holiday: 

Ps don't forget to keep your travel accessories safe and organised in our Jewellery Case, perfectly compact for on-the-go activities and ensuring your outfit can be elevated in an instant. 



On a June winter’s night, It’s cold, its dark, and unsurprisingly we’re bored as f—k. Send out the invites to the whole crew, nothing like friends, a roast and a bottle of Pinot to get you through. Gather your best napkins and ditch the paper towels, this is the time to get wild with the gals.

There is something so joyful about preparing to entertain guests at home, you might have pedantically ironed the table cloth, run to the green grocer to grab a floral display for the table or you might have just been waiting to whisk up that Shepard's pie recipe you saw on the Tasty Facebook page. Something that really gets us going is plate sets and beautiful glassware. Explore some of our favourites:



We’re going to assume everyone else has made the transition into 80% of life in activewear. Winter brings this unique opportunity to layer said activewear with a coat, instantly creating the illusion of maximum effort. if not already, we recommend trying this at home. Some of our favourites: 



The season is changing, why not your hair too? There is something is freeing about lightening the load and we think a long bob really lends itself to a turtleneck and hoops combo - namely even our Brigitte Mini Hoops.

We've seen it on Dua Lipa, Kimmy K and Bella Hadid and we are extra impressed by this curve-under-to-frame-face trend that we have definitely attempted and failed at with a GHD. A few people we love who have recently crossed to the short side: