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AVANT STUDIO - Jewellery created from dreams of a time before. Inspired by the art of days gone by. Fuelled by a passion for self-expression, Avant Studio’s vision is to make jewellery a personalised statement. Our jewellery sets intention for the wearer.

We design pieces that encapsulate your essence. Pieces that remind you of a precious time. Pieces you can gift to someone special.


Avant Studio was established with strong values and positive messaging at its core.

“Jewellery is like the perfect spice, it always complements what’s already there”

- Diane Von Furstenburg

The effortless action of adorning yourself with a simple piece of jewellery can immediately transform mood and attitude and forces the recognition and appreciation for what lies underneath. This notion of self love, confidence and empowerment is deeply engrained in the base of the brand.


Avant Studio has a present consciousness for female empowerment, environmental responsibility, social justice.

From the conception of Avant Studio, our packaging has been proudly 100% plastic free and all elements are made of recyclable paper and biodegradable materials.

We produce small-batch orders with an aim to minimise any over-production or waste. We also recycle metals to become a part of future collections.

Something extremely important to us is to use our position to give back and provide support to those in need. One of our goals each year is to support a different cause in need. In 2023, we chose to contribute to UNHCR for urgent aid on the ground with the war in Ukraine, as well and the Northern Rivers Flood Relief to support families left devastated by the floods in Northern NSW and QLD.  


AVANT STUDIO was founded by Belle Maartensz in 2020.

Belle made her debut in 2015 with THE A-LINE, a Sydney-based womenswear brand. From there, she honed her craft in design and brand cultivation, ultimately birthing Avant Studio in 2020 - a haven where jewellery and lifestyle intertwine.

She has always hoped to build a community of women that share her mutual passion for business, design and empowering each other.