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Some essential time to champion all of the beautiful Mothers out there that have loved, sacrificed and cared for us not just on Mothers Day but every day. So we spent a perfect moment in time with make up artist and mother Molly Warkentin. 
Molly is one of the leading make-up artists in Australia and in high demand. She works consistently with top photographers and creatives across leading magazine titles, fashion advertising and celebrity. Her client list is extensive and includes HERMES, Venroy, Camilla and Marc, MECCA. With magazine credits in VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Marie Claire and RUSSH.
Molly likens her work to painting in that she seeks to illuminate rather than disguise the originality of the face : “I like to emphasize the beauty that is already there and even if the brief calls for theatricality I always highlight the integrity of the skin and clarity of the talents best features”.

Did you always want to be a make up artist ?

Definitely! I used to watch my Mum doing her makeup in the 80’s the coloured shimmery eyeshadows and glossy red lips. I was mesmerised and I knew it was for me! 

How do you search for inspiring new trends?

I always like to keep eyes on what’s happening on the streets, how are people reacting to the world around them through dress, hair and makeup. What era is trending with what twist on it to make it fresh and modern.

What’s something you would love to tell your younger self?

Don’t sweat the small stuff because you won’t even remember it.

How did becoming a mother change you?

I was able to connect to myself on a deeper level. I understood myself more as a person by becoming a mother. I set clearer boundaries for what I needed for myself to function on a level where I can be the best mother possible to my daughter. 

What’s your idea of a perfect day together as family?

A rainy morning with us all in bed together, drinking tea and reading our books with lots of snuggles.  Followed by an afternoon of outdoor fun like a hike or bike riding. 

What has been your favourite project to work on lately?

I’m directing the makeup for Emma Mulholland’s debut show at Australian Fashion week next week. It’s been a lot of fun work shopping the makeup look. I can’t wait till show day! 

What’s the latest make up trend we need to know about? 

Less of a trend but more a movement of disregarding everything we have been taught to find typically beautiful and Embracing your own uniqueness. Celebrate what makes you different whether it be a birth mark, freckles, dimples or a prominent nose. It’s what makes you unique and makes you you. I’m so over this era of looking like an instagram filter, it’s uninteresting to me. 

What is something you’ve learned about love over the years?

Love is something to be nurtured and looked after in order for it to be healthy and grow. 

Do you have treasured or sentimental pieces of jewellery that someone gave to you, or that you bought for yourself? Can you tell us about the piece and what it means to you?

I was very lucky, my grandmother left me some beautiful diamonds and a sapphire that I’ve had reworked into 2 beautiful rings. I’ve really enjoyed giving beautiful vintage gems new life which I will then pass down to my daughter. Who knows she may rework them into something she will cherish and enjoy wearing one day. 

What’s playlist are you listening to on Mother’s Day?

Well Minnie usually wins control over the music which means Taylor Swift on repeat. Send help! 

Follow Molly's beautiful work HERE.