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We took some time out with Aussie musician CXLOE at her home in Los Angeles in the lead up to the release of her new album. CXLOE’S new music promises to be a journey through the preservation of identity and embraces the fact that artists can be multifaceted without compromising their authenticity in pursuit of becoming the next 'Shiny New Thing’.

How and when did you discover your love and talent for writing and music? Was it something that you always wanted?

I’ve always loved singing since a young age, I grew up doing musical theatre and went to a performing arts school on an acting scholarship. This gave me the freedom to explore and experiment with the arts. I quickly realised that I loved writing my own music and was able to infuse both acting and singing together as a form of self-expression which led me to my artist project, CXLOE. 

How do you search for new inspiration when writing new material?

I have a VERY dense page in my notes app where I put all of my concepts, ideas, song titles whenever they come to me during the day or during a conversations or if I overhear someone talking about something that intrigues me. I’ll quickly jot down notes and then when I find myself in the studio I’ll open my notes up and see what I feel like exploring.

What is something most people don’t know about you? 

If I didn’t pursue music I’d be a veterinarian. 

How would you describe your music to someone who was about to listen to it for the first time?

Dark Pop, synth heavy, crying on the dance floor. 

Can you describe in 3 words what it feels like when you step out on stage? 

Terrifying, what-the-hell-am-I-doing, euphoric. In that order!

You’ve just returned from touring in Europe. How do you find balance between being on the road, time for yourself and your loved ones? 

It really depends what type of tour you’re on and who you’re traveling with! For this tour, as it was just myself and my drummer, we were doing all of the heavy lifting so didn’t really have time to turn off or find time for ourselves. We were either driving to the next city, loading in or out of a venue or getting ready for a show. I crave routine so one thing I did every day for myself was get up early and find a nice boutique coffee shop and walk there before we drove to the next city. I loveeee coffee and I’m a big time introvert so it gave me a moment to recharge my social battery before hitting the road!

When do you feel most yourself? 

When I’m with my fiancé and my dog in nature. 

You’re definitely a chameleon when it comes to your appearance. Where did this love of creating new personalities and styles come from and what does it mean to you? 

I think it came from my acting background growing up. I was in so many plays and musicals where I was constantly morphing into character so this definitely sparked my love of self-expression and being multifaceted. Expressing myself through the constant shifting of appearance lets me be multifaceted in a way that doesn’t compromise my authenticity but lets me experiment and enjoy the beauty of reinvention within pop music! 

What’s one thing we need to know about your new music?

It still sits in the lane of ‘dark pop’ but I explore more sonically than I ever have before. Conceptually it was heavily inspired by my move to Los Angeles!

You call the ‘City Of Angels' Los Angeles home now, what do you love the most about living there and what do miss the most about Australia?

I love the buzz. I love the finding the beauty within the grit. It’s so incredible being surrounded by so many passionate, like minded delusional people lol it’s inspiring and makes me feel like I’m with my people! I miss my family a lot, I miss the beautiful beaches, the ‘how ya goin‘s’ and the cicadas! 

Do you remember a treasured or sentimental piece of jewellery that someone gave to you? Or that you bought for yourself? Can you tell us about the piece and what it means to you?

My engagement ring my fiancé proposed to me with 2 years ago will forever be my most cherished piece of jewellery. He put so much thought and care into designing this ring, and whenever I look at it I’m reminded of so many beautiful stories and memories we share. He engraved it on the inside with our favourite song, and also put my birth stone underneath the diamond on an angle only I can see. It feels so personal and precious and reminds me of how lucky I am to have such a thoughtful soon-to-be-husband in my life :)

CXLOE's new album 'Shiny New Thing' is out NOW, you can listen and follow HERE for future news and shows.