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New on the journal for our muse series we chat with stylist and photographer Alexis Aquino. From Sydney but based in Los Angeles Alexis has a knack for making style appear fun, cool, and completely effortless.

What do you love the most about styling?

Having the freedom to create something without any rules or limitations. I’m constantly trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone.

I also love meeting new people and traveling to all corners of the world to do my job

Who do you look to for Inspiration?

All of the women in my life - my mum, my sister, my friends. I'm constantly inspired by their minds and beauty

Styling is so much about connecting with people and making them feel at ease, how do you get the best out of people? 

Being silly and laughing with people. It makes all the difference. Never feels like work if you're having fun with it

If someone had 24 hours in Los Angeles what would you tell them they must do ?

Have dinner at Musso and Frank on Hollywood boulevard. It transports you to a scene in an old Hollywood film. It's my favorite restaurant in LA and where I take all my guests.

What makes your home feel like a home? 

I love photography so having pictures of friends and loved ones all over my walls makes my home feel whole.  Also, having fresh flowers, books and a burning candle

What is something you’ve learned about love over the years?

If you feel it, say it!