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Ever find yourself bored at home twiddling your thumbs (seems a common occurrence in this new Covid lifestyle). We are always game for a creative project and creating an unnecessary mess than may or may not sit idle for long while after. Whether you’re gifted or not, there is something about painting that is undoubtedly therapeutic.

Let us take you through an artistic day with our modern muses, Anna and Shannon - collectively SHANNA.

Meet Anna, she shines both on and off screen as an actor, her style icon is Zendaya and she’s half french.

Meet Shannon, she manages a balance of modelling while studying physiotherapy. She loves Scandinavian street style and has naturally occurring killer eyebrows.

Anna wears Samantha, Siena, Matilda and Juliette rings with a Custom charm bracelet.

Shannon wears the Chloe Pavé Huggies with the easy ear cuff (which is conveniently doesn’t require a piercing) with her “S” letter necklace and Bianca pearl necklace. On the right, she wears the Matilda ring with the willow and custom charm bracelet. 

Hope we have ignited a creative flame in you, browse Shannon and Anna's looks below.