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Rearranging your bedside situation: Iso edition

We all know that agitated feeling that can present itself throughout your year (or week) where you feel an urge to switch up the Feng Shui and energy of your room or living space. In this period of isolation, we can safely assume this feeling is occurring much more frequently. Sometimes with spacial constraints, you have to draw on your creativity or for some of us, consult Pinterest.

Transformative Ideas can range from stacking books, floral arrangements, organising ornaments and also in this case, styling your bed linen. A delicate balance must exist between functionality and aesthetics. Essentials must of course be present, first and foremost your jewellery’s home. Exhibit A, our Avant Studio leather Jewellery Case for storage and Mud ceramic dish to catch those bits and pieces you remove at the days end. Adjacent, you can have something decorative, in our case, a vase with a native branch bouquet. Lamps, pot plants, books and candles are all very versatile objects that can be styled and arranged to your liking. Experiment with coordination and contrast in colours and objects to to create depth and harmony. Like a cherry on top, our Bed Threads lavender linen sheet set instantly transforms the room with it’s dusty pink aura.

 Not only will this experimentation take up some time (of which we know you have plenty rn), it can be quite a meditative process. The results can be mood boosting and may have lasting affects on WFH productivity, until such an agitated feeling for change occurs again.