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Refreshing your living space 2.0

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who can’t wear the same party dress twice. This habit translates to how often I have an urge to rearrange my living space. Since the height of isolation, I’ve grown tired of the current arrangements so decided to temporarily rob other rooms of the house in a desperate attempt to feel reborn.

Fitting in nicely with one of my first Iso-purchases - a lavender sheet set from Bed Threads, I decided to creep out of my pink saturated comfort zone and try the bold earthy tone of “rust”. This was certainly a departure from the norm but in the best possible way.

For the vertically hung feature, I've moved in some lovely artwork from my mother that I stole from the spare room. Goodbye Positano, hello abstraction (who doesn't love a before and after.)  I also ‘borrowed’ some coffee table books from the dear coffee table to create some contrast and levels and of course, the illusion I read heaps.

I find the small decorations and ornamental objects make all the difference in changing the feel of the space. I always need somewhere for my jewellery to take shelter at night. If this isn’t in my Avant Jewellery Case, it's going to be in one very lucky dish, and in this case, an arguably creepy wooden hand that happens to be quite functional. Other accoutrement includes, 1 out of a 4 piece very multi-purposeful glass set from Maison Balzac (with it you can, host flowers, keep coins and of course, drink water) and a mini vase from Dinosaur Designs that elegantly displays some pencils for when I need to jot down a few irrational thoughts at 3am. 

Last but certainly not least, without any doubt at all, the hero pieces of this arrangement are the two loves of my life, Peggy and Teddy, need I rearrange anything more?


Co-founder, Creative Director


Belle Maartensz