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Meet The Designer: Love Isabelle

We recently sat down with Isabelle Sidd, the founder and creative director of Love Isabelle jewellery to talk about your latest collection, Adore 20.

Where did you find the inspiration behind your latest collection?

We just released our new collection called Adore 20 which I really excited about! It was inspired by the journey from day to night so the pieces were designed to be versatile - you can wear them to the beach during the day but you can also wear them out to a fancy dinner at night.

What are some of your favourite pieces?

The Hailey Necklace and Linden necklace, I love mixing the silver and gold at the moment. It’s cool because you can wear them alone as a statement or mix and match them together for more of an every day look.

I also love the Willow Hoops and love wearing them with the Saachi threads. Again I think this unexpected mix is something a little bit different but you can also wear them individually for an easy elevated look.

What are the pieces made of?

All our pieces are 14k gold filled which means you can wear them in the shower and the saltwater meaning that they are super easy to wear every day and you don’t need to take them off. Gold-filled jewellery is composed of a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a sterling silver base so it is a lot more hard-wearing compared to 'plated' items. 

Where are your pieces made?

All of our pieces are hand-crafted in our Sydney studio located in Manly and they are all made to order.


Thank-you Isabelle for sharing the inspiration behind your latest collection. Shop our Love Isabelle edit here