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Spring is well and truly in the air and it's arguably the best time to show off your new earrings. The perfect earring stack will spice up any look with very minimal effort. The Chloe Pavé Huggies are our favourite piece to elevate an everyday outfit as they add just the right amount of sparkle so we thought we would show you some ways we have styled them and hopefully provide some inspiration!

Layer them up

Don't be afraid to stack them up and have a double or triple Chloe Pavé  stack on your ears. Because they are a huggie size (and not too big or statement) they can be appropriately stacked to elevate your look without looking overly feminine and provide just the right amount of sparkle. 


Above Lara wears the Chloe Pavé Huggies in all piercings. 


Mixing Textures

We love the look of the Chloe Pave Huggies mixed in with the Starlight Hoops by By Charlotte and the Francesca Cuff as it adds a little edge to the classic ear stack. When playing with different textures we recommend keeping the materials and colour palette similar. Below we have added the two other styles however they have the same materials as the Chloe Pave being the gold plating and the cubic zirconia crystals. This allows you to add some interest to your ear stack without it looking too overwhelming for an everyday look.


Above Lara wears from left to right: By Charlotte Starlight Hoops, Chloe Pave Huggies, Chloe Pavé  Huggies, Francesca Ear Cuff


Playing with lengths 

Adding earrings of different drop lengths can also add some variety to your ear stack allowing it to be simultaneously bold and soft. Below Lara wears the Starlight Hoops by By Charlotte in the first piercing and the Chloe Pavé in the other two piercings.  When wearing earrings of different lengths we recommend placing the longest piece in the first piercing and moving to the shortest length in the last piercing. 

Above Lara wears from left to right: By Charlotte Starlight Hoops, Chloe Pavé Huggies, Chloe Pa Huggies.


The Chloe Pa Huggies are the perfect pair when you are looking for a low commitment sparkle with major payoff. If you have any questions about how to style our signature huggies please reach out to our team of stylists at as we would love to assist!