How to create the ultimate ear stack

If you’ve heard the term ear stack and don’t know what it is, we are here to define it for you. Think layering, think asymmetry, think more is more. When it comes to creating the perfect ear stack, it will help to have multiple piercings but if pain isn’t your game, stay tuned for the perfect solution.


Stack 1: The Golden Goose

Just gold, no fuss, super luxe. Starting off with the Amber hoop, we tend to start with the largest earring first and gradually work our way up the ear according to size. Next in line, the highly coveted Alice Huggie, trust us, these will not leave your lobes. Last but certainly not least, the Adele ear cuff, magically floating on the cartilage, no piercing required (that solution we were talking about). We've just realised these all start with A, and A is for Avant. It's a sign. 


Stack 2:  The Crystal Pistol

Shine bright like a diamond you will. This look is all about the gemstones and the delicate effect on the ear. First, we have the undeniable crowd favourite, the Chloe Pave Huggie, followed by the Stephanie stud and her twinkling trifecta. Another piercing free solution and spectacle, the Francesca Ear Cuff which can be manoeuvred to wherever you ear desires. Lastly a quiet achiever, the Lana Stud takes its place in the cartilage, as if it was created just for that purpose.


Stack 3: The Happy Meal

Caution: this stack may result in feelings of joy. The Happy meal is for the eclectic type who changes up their ear stack daily. First in the lobe, we have the Fleur Hoop, a tube style mini hoop, perfect for daily wear. Next we have the Dorothy Huggie, just pause for a moment to appreciate that wizard of oz reference and all its rainbow glory. The Elsy ear cuff is next (another nifty non-piercing saviour)  Finally, at the top, a crescent moon stud from the Madison earring set (an extremely versatile sister trio) is the perfect pièce de résistance to complete the stack.


Get creative with your stacks and reach the top of your stacking potential with our ever-growing range of studs, hoops and huggies. We like to consider ourselves ear stack enthusiasts so feel free to get in touch to exchange any tips, tricks or tales from us -