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Behind The Brand: Reliquia

Launched in 2015 by PR agency director, Anna Piteria, Reliquia has cemented itself as a major player in the jewellery landscape and amassed a cult following among Australian women. Probably best know for its signature spiral earrings, coin necklace, and star sign necklace, we love the timeless nature of the unique yet easy-to-wear pieces.


“A few years ago I could see a gap in the market for jewellery that could be worn every day,” she says. “At the time, there really wasn’t anything like that around. It’s the type of jewellery I really love wearing and, growing up, my mother and grandma would wear. I wanted to recreate that feel but with a more accessible price point. And that’s how Reliquia started.”


Piteira admits her experience and contacts in fashion PR helped enormously. “It meant I practiced what I preached,” she says. “From the very beginning, our main goal was making sure the jewellery was out there and being worn by as many people as possible, so I basically leveraged every connection and friendship I had, and gave everyone all the jewels they wanted.


Design-wise, each piece is bold and sculptural while retaining a fundamentally timeless quality. Art deco influences underlie the collection with strong geometric accents. Made from high-quality metals and craftsmanship, Reliquia endeavors to create jewellery that develops an emotional relevance.


Director of the brand, Anna said the greatest job remains in seeing people wearing her pieces. “The girls that consistently wear the jewellery every season - the jewellery obviously resonates with them as much as it does with me and that’s been really special,” she says.