Behind The Brand: By Charlotte

Launched in 2012 by Charlotte Blakeney, spirited jewellery label By Charlotte has garnered a formidable cult following. Drawing inspiration from Charlotte’s love of semi-precious stones, crystals, motifs and their intrinsic meanings, the brand has experienced an evolution underpinned by natural and organic progression with each passing season. Every collection explores the symbiotic concepts of spirituality and enlightenment, with the desire to inspire and empower the wearer with lessons of love, harmony and enlightenment. 

The By Charlotte signature Lotus Necklace, Charlotte’s inaugural design, has become a true cornerstone of the label’s collection, worn by international style icons including Miranda Kerr, Tash Oakley, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Georgia May Jagger, Shanina Shaik and Georgia Fowler. Utilised throughout Charlotte’s range, the Lotus is central to the cultures Charlotte admires most and represents the essence of By Charlotte. It represents new beginnings, the lotus begins its life and a bud emerging from the depths of the muddy pond, breaking free, and blossoming into a beautiful and pure flower. This journey is much like a person’s path to spiritual awakening and self discovery. 

Bring a bespoke touch to your jewellery collection with one of the label’s coveted zodiac or initial-adorned necklaces, or encourage positivity with a piece that’s engraved with an inspiring mantra. Charlotte has a strong belief that jewellery should resonate with the wearer on a deep and personal level. By Charlotte’s delicate rings are bracelets are perfect for stacking to create customised combinations, but emanate the same sartorial strength when styled solo. 

Thoughtful minimalism and intricate layering underscore each delicate adornment, with the brand’s distinctly spirited jewellery speaking to those seeking accessories with intention. 

Charlotte has a strong belief that jewellery should resonate with the wearer on a deep and personal level and that the right piece of jewellery has the ability to make someone feel amazing.