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With the release of our signature letter necklace, I wanted to take you on a retrospective journey through the design process from start to finish.
I set out with a concept to create something uniquely personal for our customers but also for us as a brand. I wanted something subtle but not unidentifiable. I wanted it to be a statement unto itself but to coordinate with others. 
It always starts with a mood board, does it not? Humans are very visual creatures. The start of the design process is very conceptual and often draws from diverse imagery, whether that be Pinterest boards, magazines, books and nature. I tend to start with Pinterest to get my bearings, it often kickstarts a concept into motion. After my Pinterest board was popping, I sourced reference images from historical jewellery books and magazines and began compiling a mood board especially for the concept.
Then I put pen to paper. I needed to visualise the design elements. What kind of chain? what kind of font, what type of scale? After a bit of scribbling and some trial and error, a clear winner emerged - a sans serif font, on a fine paper-clip style chain. After a few discussions and iterations, I finalised the size of the charms and chain and I converted the drawings into illustrator to finalise specs for production. I then had to consider sampling, lead times, what components and equipment were required for this particular product. 
In our studio, we create each letter necklace with love and care.  It’s especially heart warming when orders come through as a gifts with special messages, both to others and to themselves. It’s an incredible feeling to know something you are making with your hands is going to put a smile on someone’s face.
We couldn't be more thrilled with our end product. Something that we have noticed since the starting the business is how much jewellery is part of our daily morning ritual. There is a moment in the morning where I, and I’m sure many of you, sit down at a desk or dresser and pop on your hoops, necklaces and rings, check your makeup in the mirror and fix your hair. I think this moment is quite meditative and although brief, it’s very much a moment of self care, a moment about you. I thought this the perfect concept to complement our letter necklaces as they also emphasise something about you - literally.
There is nothing better than seeing the product come full circle. In just a few months, an idea evolved into a tangible metal object and then into an everyday accessory.  We are so excited every time we see the letter styled on someone.
Pleaser reach out to us if you have any questions about our letter necklace, we are also taking custom orders - xx
Belle Maartensz
Creative Director